In Retro Rocket Run! you must make the choice on whether to collect or avoid the abundant coins.

Collecting them will help improve your high score but may also kill you...

The game gets progressively more difficult the longer you stay alive, so stay sharp!

1.  Move left and right (can use arrows, A-D, gamepad analogue stick).
2.  Pickup or avoid coins - Your choice.
3.  Avoid the spike barriers

Pickups (a particle flash and warning noise will sound when one of these is triggered):
1.  Damage ship
2.  Speed-up controls
3.  Invert Controls
4.  Toggle Invisibility

I had an immense amount of fun building this for my very first Ludum Dare and I hope you enjoy playing it.  
Comment with your feedback and highscores (I'd love to know how far you get).


Download 18 MB


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Great job.  Very cool game.  I love the background movement of the stars.  Very well executed.

Thanks you for the kind words.  I'm glad you enjoyed playing.